1. The Market will open Sunday at 9:00 am. Sellers are to arrive no later than 8:00 am and be set up by 9:00 am. Early arrivals are allowed by 7:00 am. You are responsible for letting the Market Manager know in advance if you will not be there. If you are running late, call the market manager at 541-921-0062 to avoid losing your space. Anyone not there by 8:00 am or not calling will have no space held. NO EXCEPTIONS! Vendors must notify the market manager if you are not going to be at the market for your regular assigned space. The Manager will fill spaces not occupied, or if vendor has not called by 8:00 AM.

The Market will close at 3:00pm. No early break downs. The Market Manager, with the consensus of the vendors, will determine if weather is too inclement to stay open.

The Market should be open each week during the Season. In case of an emergency early departures must be cleared by the Market Manager. Please, breakdown and pack up before moving your vehicle for loading. Breaking down before 3:00 pm is never allowed, even if being sold out of merchandise occurs.

2. All sellers must be paid members-in-good-standing of the Lincoln City Farmers & Crafters Market Association. Membership dues are, $10.00 application fee, $50.00 annually and must be received by March 1st with application to be considered a returning vendor. New vendors fees are due upon submission of application. In addition to the annual fee, each member must pay a $25.00 booth fee for each day at the Market. The fee entitles the vendor to approximately a 10' by 10' space, to be assigned within the market, by the market manager. A double space will be $50.00 per week. Upon arrival, vendors must report to info booth/market manager to pay their booth fees before setting up. The manager will show you where your space is.

All properties of vendor must be contained in 10'x10' space. There is no sitting or standing in front of your booth. No merchandise out in front of booth space and no "hawking".

3. All produce or merchandise sold at the Market must be grown or made by the seller. NO RESELLING OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED at the Lincoln City Farmers & Crafters Market. Any Items sold at the Market, other than agricultural products harvested for consumption, must be juried in by Product Review Committee and/or Board of Directors. Vendors with any Items of questionable origin will be asked to remove them, until verified as "made by vendor". All booths and merchandise are subject to review at any time.

Any product not listed on the 2017 application must be brought before the Product Review Committee. If at any time the Market Manager/Product Review Committee/or Market Board find a product not listed on application, you will be asked to remove said product from your booth and have it brought before the Product Review Committee.

4. All vendors of baked goods, processed foods, hot foods or value added edibles, must have a valid license for processing such goods as issued by the Oregon Department of Agriculture or the Lincoln County Health Department as applicable. Said vendors must provide proof of liability insurance and copy of licenses for processing of such goods.

5. Food Vendors must be approved by the Market Manager and/ or the Board of Directors. Proper Licensing and insurance must be presented with registration. Preference to Hot Food vendors will be given to Lincoln County residents first. Board of Directors will set number of Hot Food vendors allowed based on current market conditions. All food vendors must comply with the rules of the Health Department.

6. All vendors of live nursery stock with annual sales exceeding $200.00 must have a nursery license issued by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Proof shall be provided to market with application.

7. All vendors claiming that items sold are organic must be registered with the State of Oregon and be in compliance with the National Organics Standards Act. Proof shall be provided to market with application.

8. All vendors must leave their area clean at the end of each Market. All produce and food vendors must pick up all stray food and food debris located within and around their booths at the close of market each day. Vendors should carry out their own garbage; we must leave the Culture Center the way we found it at the beginning of the day.

            Written warning will be given for 1st offense.
            No selling the following weekend will occur for 2nd offense.
            You will lose market status and be removed from the market for 3rd offense.

9. All vendors must comply with state and federal marketing regulations.

10. Vendors must not block fire lanes. Vendors must comply with Market parking regulations. All merchandise and booth supplies must be broken down before moving car into loading/unloading space.

If at any time you are found breaking this rule the following consequences will occur:       
           1st offense- you will be asked to move car back into its original space
           2nd offense- no setting up the following weekend
           3rd offense- you will be asked to leave the Market and will lose membership with the Market a well.

11. Please be considerate of your fellow vendors, customers of the Market, and the Market Manager in your conduct at the Market. Voicing negative comments or opinions to customers or vendors as well as disrespectful or unprofessional attitudes towards others will not be tolerated at any time. Any vendor, acting in a manner as to endanger the public or another vendor will be asked to leave and will have their membership revoked.

12. No consumption of alcohol or drugs permitted by vendors on Market grounds. No smoking in the Market area. Designated smoking areas are behind the building. Please no smoking on the sidewalks.

13. Vendors pets must be contained in their 10'x10' booth space on a 6 ft. leash at all times .

14. Vendors and their employees must be at least 18 years of age.

15. Children of vendors shall not be left unattended at the market.

Unless otherwise stated the rules will be enforced with the following consequences:

           1st offense receives a written notice.
           2nd offense will result in a loss of vending privileges the following weekend
           3rd offense will result in being removed from market and having membership revoked

Lincoln City Farmers Market telephone number is 541- 921-0062.
Our Current Closed Categories

Tye Dye
Kettle Corn
Textile Crafts (ie knitted, crocheted)
Body Care Products
Glass (soft, pyrex, stained, fused, etc.)
Wood working
Dog toys

These categories are currently closed at this time however, we do have vendors drop out of the market from time to time so please don't let this discourage you or keep you from filling out and sending in an application as we are always looking for something new.

2017 Market Vendor Rules
Lincoln City Farmers and Crafters Market
Lincoln City Cultural Center
540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City
Phone: 541-921-0062
Email: info@lincolncityfarmersmarket.org
Lincoln City Farmers and Crafters Market
Lincoln City Farmers and Crafters Market
Lincoln City Cultural Center
540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City
Phone: 541-921-0062